• Day of Action – 23rd June Speak up for Travel!

    As summer begins the UK’s travel and tourism sectors face a critical moment. Before the pandemic hit, our industry was a cornerstone of the UK economy. As the third most internationally connected country in the world, we enabled tens of millions of UK residents to travel overseas, whether on business, for holidays, or to see […]

  • Travlaw advises why employers need to take discrimination seriously

    Aside from the reputational issues and staff morale, the threat of litigation is real with the rise of discrimination claims continuing to creep up each year. Not only is defending such claims expensive, but the levels of compensation for “Injury to Feelings” awards will increase as a result of updates coming into effect on 6 April 2021 […]

  • Legal firm Travlaw’s update on Brexit and Booking Conditions

    Brexit and Your Customer Booking Terms and Conditions Following the surge of Brexit articles online and the impacts of Brexit on the travel industry, you might be asking “does any of this this affect my customer booking conditions?” The answer to this will depend upon what, where and how you are selling. However, it’s likely […]

  • Travlaw furlough update

    Rishi’s done it again! The Chancellor has done it again – extended furlough in his 2021 Budget. What is bizarre is that last year’s budget didn’t even mention the word “furlough”, it is only as a result of the events of the pandemic that the word is now commonly used by employers. The furlough scheme […]

  • WHA Budget Summary 2021

    Against the backdrop of a successful vaccine programme and the proposed forthcoming easing of restrictions, Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his Budget to an attentive nation. This Budget was prepared with the promise of ‘…support for people and businesses and families through the remaining stages of this crisis, but also to provide a long term recovery […]

  • Travlaw update on worker status and its relevance to the Travel Industry

    Travlaw update on worker status and the impact of a recent landmark Supreme Court decision which is relevant to the Travel Industry. In a change from our usual updates on all things Covid related impacting employers, this update focuses on worker status, which was put back in the spotlight as a result of last week’s […]

  • VAT deferred due to coronavirus (COVID-19) – What are your options?

    At the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, one of the first support measures put in place by the Government was to grant businesses the option of deferring VAT payments for liabilities due between 20 March 2020 and 30 June 2020. We know many of our clients utilised this HM Revenue & Customs reprieve, and as we […]

  • Leading law firm Travlaw HR update

    Will employment laws change post-Brexit? The UK has now withdrawn from the EU but what, if any, employment law changes will there be and what, if any, impact will that have on employers and indeed employees’ rights? Many readers will be aware that much of the UK employment laws (think of the Working Time Regulations […]