Crisis Management Insurance

  • t&g is a specialist intermediary and acts in the best interests of our customers: offering crisis management insurance at competitive prices and providing day to day support to our customers in the event of a claim.

    A crisis could consist of the following: natural disaster, food poisoning/virus outbreak, kidnapping, activity and/or excursion accident and transportation disaster.

    When a Travel Organiser is caught between a moral and legal liability to assist their customers during their hour of need our crisis management insurance provides a natural solution to this dilemma.

    A Travel Organiser needs to be able to act quickly and decisively at the most difficult of times and this is where our Crisis Management Insurance provides the financial security and professional advice to deliver the necessary customer care.

    What is included?

    • Business expenditure: Business costs incurred as a direct result of the crisis.
    • Crisis counselling: The provision of counsellors in the immediate aftermath of a crisis. Service provided by CCP Support.
    • Travel and subsistence costs: Up to two family or friends for each customer of the Insured involved who wish to travel to the scene.
    • Costs of the following services: Physicians, legal personnel, engineers and crisis counsellors.
    • Public relations expenses: An external PR consultant to handle all media relations.
    • Optional extra: Single person extension.
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