• topp financial failure Insurance is an insurance policy that provides financial protection to consumers’ monies in an event that your travel company has failed (insolvency protection). 

    Topp provides financial protection mainly for travel companies organising non-flight package holidays and complies with the UK Package Travel Regulations 2018. The policy has been in place for the past 40 years and has built trust with topp policyholders’ customers. 

    Therefore, a Financial Failure Insurance policy like topp supplies an alternative solution to bonding by insurance, and is also accepted by the approved travel trade associations such as ABTOT and ABTA. 

    topp is an easy pay-as-you-go Financial Failure Insurance policy (FFI) underwritten by Travel & General Insurance Services (t&g).

    How it benefits Travel Organisers:

    topp is a per passenger insurance policy that enables Travel Companies to meet their regulatory requirements and provide financial protection to its customers in the event of their failure (insolvency).

    As its pay-as-you-go policy, it is particularly flexible as far as costs are concerned. Travel Companies pay 20% of the annual premium upfront and pay the rest monthly by direct debit as per the declaration of actual turnovers booked.

    Every enquiry is assessed by a t&g underwriter on an individual basis.

    The topp financial protection wordings will be noted in your terms and conditions on your website and we ask that the logo is visible on your site too. This provides clarity to your customers of the financial protection in place.

    It is also suitable for Travel Companies who wish to provide financial protection its customers booking accommodation only sales.

    ABTOT accepts topp for selected Members as an alternative to the ABTOT Bond. ABTA also accepts topp as financial protection scheme for its membership.

    Why would you choose Travel & General Insurance Services for your Financial Failure Insurance?

    Travel & General Insurance Services (t&g) is a specialist Underwriter that has consistently focused on supplying Travel Bonds, Travel Industry guarantees and Financial Failure Insurance (topp) products to the Travel Industry for the past 40 years.

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