How does topp work?

topp is in place to protect your customers and it is effected for the benefit of your customers.

If your application is successful, we will issue you with a policy, setting out the terms and conditions, together with a certificate and schedule of cover.

Customer bookings are declared monthly through our online system and premiums are collected monthly by direct debit. There will be a deposit taken at the outset and an administration fee is applicable.

Your customers can be reassured that you are providing financial protection by you including the topp wording in your brochure, websites and other promotional literature.

Topp – a traveller’s perspective

Client care

We believe our key strength is the knowledge that there is nothing more important than client service.

Over 90% of our clients renew with us each year and we believe that part of our underwriting success is a result of the personal interest we take in getting to know our clients and their business.

Understanding your business and future plans allows us to take account of your future bonding and insurance requirements.

At any point during the underwriting process our underwriters will be happy to answer any queries regarding the progress of the application and afterwards our knowledgeable staff are always happy to help whenever they are needed.