International Travel & Healthcare

  •  t&g work with a panel of Insurers including International Travel & Healthcare (ITHC)

    ITHC specialise in providing cover for all age groups who have high end impaired medical conditions, including significantly impaired, terminal, degenerative, congenital and psychiatric / psychological.

    ITHC policies can provide very high levels of cover for Cancellation at £30,000 per person  for all holiday types. With their own specialist medical screening system, in-house Claims and Assistance teams, customers can be assured of a bespoke service. They can also offer a broad range of cover and benefits for customers as follows:

    • Enhanced Covid-19 cover including against FCDO advice in relation to Covid-19 to European Single Trip destinations
    • Up to 550 Days duration for Single Trip travel (to age 64)
    • 120 Days duration up to age 99
    • Annual Multi Trip any one trip up to 90 Days to age 86
    • Up to £8,000 per person per trip within an AMT policy

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