Meet the team

  • Richard Watson

    CEO Assured Underwriting Group, MD Travel & General Insurance

    As CEO of Assured Underwriting Group and MD for t&g, Richard oversees the work and resources of each company and supports them in achieving their individual corporate plans. Richard is responsible to the Board of Directors for the Group’s financial performance, geographical expansion and product diversification.

    Richard Watson | LinkedIn

  • Walter McCulloch

    Finance Director  for Travel & General Insurance and Assured Underwriting Group

    Walter is the Finance Director for  t&g and all Group companies within the Assured Underwriting Group. As a Board member for these companies Walter is responsible for all accounting and financial oversight as well as regulatory compliance.

    Walter McCulloch | LinkedIn

  • Julie Jones

    Development Director ABTOT and Travel & General Insurance

    Julie is Development Director for t&g, and responsible for business development, product development, and communications.  Julie is responsible for  t&g’s brand, product and profile remaining  visible in the travel, legal and financial industries.

    Julie Jones | LinkedIn

  • Guillaume Bossard

    Operations Director t&g
    Underwriting and Operations Director Arcus

    Guillaume is Arcus Solutions’ Underwriting & Operations Director. In this dual role he oversees the underwriting team and also manages the operations of our insurer’s delegated authority in compliance with French regulations. Guillaume also support t&g MD with the Irish operations.

    Guillaume Bossard | LinkedIn

  • Tejash Bhagani

    Underwriting Director

    Tejash is the Underwriting Drector for t&g and is responsible for the acceptance, management and monitoring of risks which require insolvency protection bonds, policies and guarantees, either in the UK or in EU countries.

    Tejash Bhagani | LinkedIn