Tour Operator Insurance

  • Tour Operator Insurance is a dedicated business insurance policy for the Travel Sector and is highly recommended by Travel lawyers as it provides insurance cover where travel businesses have a legal liability.

    Tour Operators have a legal responsibility for the performance of their holiday package as defined by the 2018 Package Travel Regulations and ATOL regulations.

    Tour Operator Insurance is also known as Tour Operator Liability Insurance and Combined Liability Insurance as it combines several risks.

    The Tour Operator Insurance Travel & General Insurance Services offers as a specialist broker:

    • Enables Travel Organisers to meet the cost of compensation or legal fees with regards to public claims and employees.
    • If things go wrong, being exposed in key areas could affect your business.
    • All cover is in place with one Insurer. 
    • Public and Products Liability – this covers the policyholder in respect of costs for claims arising from death or injury to customers and damage to their property.
    • Professional Indemnity – this covers the policyholder in respect of claims from customers who have suffered a financial loss caused by negligence or breach of contract by the policyholder.
    • Employers Liability – this cover is compulsory for any UK employer under the terms of the Employers Liability Act 1969. It protects the policyholder from claims arising out of injury or illness to their employees in the course of their employment. Employers’ liability cover can sometimes be provided by an office contents policy instead, so this section is optional.
    • EmergencyAssistance – this provides cover so a Travel Organiser can give reasonable assistance if a customer suffers death or injury while taking part in an activity or an excursion outside of the booked holiday arrangements.
    • Crisis Management Insurance is now mostly found in a Tour Operator Insurance/ Combined Liability policy – a crisis could be defined as one of the following: natural disaster, food poisoning/virus outbreak, kidnapping, activity and/or excursion accident and transportation disaster. When a Travel Organiser needs to be able to act quickly and decisively at the most difficult of times this is where our Crisis Management Insurance provides the financial security and professional advice to deliver the necessary customer care.


    How do I obtain quotations for Tour Operator Insurance?

    Travel & General Insurance Services (t&g) are a specialist broker and a bond provider. To obtain a quote for Tour Operator Insurance please contact the t&g team on 0207 065 5350 or by email on  

    What are the costs for Tour Operator Insurance?

    Annual premiums depend on the type of organisation and the levels of cover required. Contact the t&g team for a quote today on 0207 065 5350 or by email on

    Why should I choose t&g for my Tour Operator Insurance ?

    t&g has been a specialist broker focused on the Travel Industry for over 40 years and has a very experienced team who work with you to achieve the best Tour Operator Insurance for your company.

    It was initially difficult for me to find a specialist travel business insurance provider, but we got a referral from another charity. The process and support we have had from the team since then has been good and the application process went well. We are not a specialist travel organisation, so the team helped with the application and answered all my questions.

    Having insurance is very important to our Trustees, especially when supporting families. This gives us the re assurance that if we had a problem as a charity, we will have the right support in place.

    Peter TebbuttCEO The Getaway Foundation
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