Travel insurance

The Process

We will need to know some details about your travel programme and the insurance needs of your customers. In order to help us fully understand your requirements and to make an assessment of how we can provide the right policy for your customers we will need you to complete an application form and provide copies of your promotional literature, including brochures. Our travel insurance team will speak with or meet with you, to establish exactly what you and your customers require and to discuss the best sales method for you, either direct sales or referring your customers to our call centre.

A quotation with rates, extent of cover and terms will be provided and our partnership is formalised by an agreement, signed by each party and will set out each of our responsibilities during the period of the agreement. There are regulatory requirements, but our experienced team will ensure this is covered as part of our tailored service.

For direct sales we will devise what training is required for your sales staff. A personalised training programme will be arranged with documentation including, for example, personalised desk aides for your staff covering everything they will need to know to sell or refer correctly, with confidence and within the regulations

We don’t then forget about you. We will continue to support you, keeping up to date with your training and sales needs. Regular contact and review will ensure you are selling at your full potential and in full compliance with the Regulations.

  • Why should I sell travel insurance?

    It is good customer service as well as being a valuable income stream.

    Travel insurance is an essential part of any holiday and travel organisers are uniquely placed to sell travel insurance which has been tailored to their customers’ needs.

    As a specialist intermediary, our experienced and committed team provides a first class service. We are focused purely on the travel industry which gives us a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into.

    Our policies, including annuals, are designed with your customers in mind.The competitive cost and your relationship with your customers gives you an edge to compete with the direct insurers and win back business.

    For travel organisers, selling competitively priced travel insurance is more than just a sale, it is an extension of the customer care that you provide.

  • How can I sell travel insurance?

    t&g can provide you with FCA solutions with no fees or charges. Where policies are sold directly by your staff we can offer appointed representative status. Alternatively, should you wish to just refer your clients to us we can complete the policy sale and can offer you introducer status. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate sales method for your business.

    Direct sales – as an appointed representative your reservation staff can sell travel insurance directly to your clients in conjunction with the holiday booking.

    Referral sales – an introducer scheme is ideal for travel organisers who wish to concentrate on selling their holidays, but who still want to provide an excellent level of customer service and increase their profits.

  • Unlocking profits within your business

    Sell with confidence