Travel Restart- Reasons why you need to assess your H&S management system leading H&S consultant Tranquilico

As t&g clients  start to look at when and how they can restart their operations it is also the time to look at current risk management processes – can you improve them, can you work smarter rather than harder, now is the time to do a full review.

Health, Safety and Crisis Management are integral parts of the travel industry; Tour Operators, Travel Agents who package holidays, Destination Management Companies and their suppliers all need to have a safety management system in place along with good due diligence as well as the ability to respond efficiently and appropriately to any future crisis.

For any assistance with your risk management procedures we are here to help, from the smallest to the largest operators, we can provide policies and procedures that suit any size and resources and are very cost effective. From our simple pay as you go service, right up to full outsourcing – anything is possible. See examples of our service below.

  1. Small Operators need a Safety Management System (SMS) as a minimum, to show legal due diligence, even if you operate it yourselves. This sets out any policies and procedures relating to H&S and any assessments documents you require to check out the safety status of your suppliers. Depending on the size of the business and the number of documents, policies and assessments you need we can provide this for you. In essence you operate this, e-mailing out safety assessments and reviewing them when they come back in. Cost:  from £750+vat
  2. Those operators who have an SMS in place but wish to outsource the assessment process can make use of the many services we operate. In conjunction with our sister company we hold over 20,000 completed assessments globally on our joint systems, 14,000 relating to accommodation providers and 6,000 for non-accommodation providers (DMC, Transport, Aviation, Marine & High Risk activities). Operators can buy into this existing data, either global access, or regional access such as Europe, Africa, Far East, Latin America etc., or indeed even individual country access if they wish, such as just Italy. In addition we also operate a Pay as You Go facility if you only have the budget for  a small number of assessments each year and wish to manage your spend. This can allow smaller operators to at least target their high volume or high risk suppliers in the first instance. Cost £POA for annual access depending on need or  £25+vat per standard safety assessment PAYG
  3. We also currently have Covid19 assessments available to issue out from our system for any operators wishing to interrogate the Covid19 preparedness of their suppliers, these cost £25 +vat per assessment – or £10 if you issue along with a standard safety assessment.


Having a good safety management system in place can assist you in many ways,

  1. It provides excellent due diligence, which can help you in any legal claim.
  2. It satisfies your insurers in that they know you are endeavouring to manage any risk to your customers – which can often result in a discount on your public liability insurance
  3. If you decide to seek Private Equity Finance or are even looking to sell your business in the future, one of the considerations in the process is your approach to safety management. Having a robust SMS in place ticks the boxes here.


Colin McGregor F.inst.TT
Managing Director